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Let the sunshine in for a more sustainable future

The RO is delighted to announce that it has gained planning consent for a 5MW solar park on 20 acres of land at Potash Farm, located to the west of Milton Keynes. RO Energy will own the entire solar park asset and will trade the power that is generated from it. Over time RO Energy will look to expand its solar interests as the right opportunities present themselves.

Edward Rowlandson, Group Managing Director, the RO, added:

“We are incredibly proud to be launching a clean energy company, which reflects our group commitment to helping shape a more sustainable future and reducing our carbon footprint. The launch comes at a time when the UK is looking to rely on renewables more than ever for a multitude of environmental, economic, and geopolitical reasons. Although still very modest in size this initiative complements other group wide sustainability initiatives.

“Once built, our new facility at Potash Farm is expected to generate enough electricity for more than 1,800 homes, resulting in a reduction of more than 2,300 tonnes of carbon emissions per year. It will therefore constitute a very tangible and significant commitment to our Group’s wider carbon reduction strategy and we hope to grow the business over time.”

The launch of RO Energy is part of a wider commitment to ensure that the Group acts responsibly in managing its ESG impact. This includes the use of companies like Green Zone, which offers commercial cleaning solutions with sustainability at the core and without the need for chemicals that harm the planet; and Element Four, who are a specialist sustainability and wellbeing consultancy and who have helped attain Fitwel Certification for a number of developments within the portfolio.

Edward Rowlandson explains further:

“The Group provides substantial support to local community charitable projects and causes, and we place an important emphasis on integrity throughout our businesses with a rigorous approach to health and safety and ethical business practices. In addition, our Capital Partners arm actively invests in business opportunities with positive environmental and social impacts to help support our sustainability goals, as well as facilitating the deployment of innovative solutions across the Group real estate portfolio and other Group activities to support our ESG commitment.

“Furthermore, we are currently reviewing the procurement and ethical sourcing of office supplies, as well as looking more closely at our energy consumption through monitoring, efficiency, recycling, and waste management. There is a clear recognition that the commitment to improving our environmental impact across all our businesses is a long term objective and therefore will remain under constant review.”


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