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The RO

The RO retains a diverse range of investments through RO Real Estate, development land, early stage investments as well as holding majority interests in Metis Homes.


Thriving through diversity of interest


Ownership of property has always been the engine room of the RO, providing the rental income and the security to enable the diversity of interest that has always been in existence.

Copy of Metis Logo

Metis Homes was established in January 2008 as we saw the strategic benefits of maintaining an interest in the house building sector.


RO Land was established in 2020 to build on the group’s existing successes in land acquisition and planning. Our objective is to add value to land by unlocking its development potential.


Throughout its history the RO has been involved in a number of financing businesses from insurance broking and hire purchase to development finance.


RO Capital Partners is an early stage investor with a clearly differentiated offering that draws on the extensive entrepreneurial experience of the RO Group. 


As climate change continues to challenge business operations and how we consume resources, the most recent addition to the portfolio builds on the RO’s history in large scale ground mounted solar development. 

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