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Enabling growth and innovation

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With the continuing advancement in technology and its direct impact on all the sectors in which the RO operates, RO Capital Partners (ROCP) was created as an opportunity to leverage the collective value of the RO’s ‘playing field’ and network. We are focused on two broad segments, namely PropTech and CleanTech.

To date we have invested in five businesses addressing energy management, water management and compliance, digital property auctions and residential development finance.

ROCP is adopting a patient but entrepreneurial approach to the development of a portfolio of businesses where there is a relevance in terms of activity, and partners that share the same passion and enthusiasm for business that the RO has had for nearly a century.

Member organisations
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Bamboo Auctions

Bamboo Auctions is a provider of white label software and data analytics to facilitate online auctions for the estate agency industry.

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EcoSync is a cleantech business founded by Oxford University engineers. The business’s dynamic energy management platform adapts temperature control to changing occupancy levels in commercial buildings. logo
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The platform was developed to give property developers a quicker, more transparent route to structure their development finance, then filtering and presenting to the right lenders and investors.


Democratising the way the process works to give property developers the clarity, speed and opportunity they need.

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Using artificial intelligence a team of cleantech innovators have created an ultra-affordable and easy-to-use IoT sensing solution, with the potential to completely transform the efficiency and environmental impact of the global water monitoring and management sector.  Their technology will enable customers to become more sustainable by saving water, reducing carbon emissions as well as saving costs and simplifying compliance with statutory water monitoring obligations.

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measurable-energy’s solution is designed to eliminate ‘plug power’ waste, that is energy not required by devices that are plugged in or directly wired, such as printers, AV equipment, chilled/hot water taps, monitors, and heaters, which are often left fully on or in standby mode overnight. 


According to’s analysis, up to 40% of total electricity usage in most commercial office buildings can be attributed to this type of ‘plug power’ energy use. 

We are an active investment partner principally focusing on the following segments:


The use of technology to innovate the built environment and real estate market.


Solutions addressing the challenges of environmental sustainability and the transition to a low carbon economy.

The RO has a strong track record of growing and realising shareholder value and, as an investment partner, can offer:
  • Active engagement from a senior team of entrepreneurial individuals with experience in corporate finance, real estate and renewable energy

  • A real estate platform encompassing commercial, industrial, leisure, retail and residential development that can be used to facilitate and showcase product development

  • Access to an extensive real estate, energy and finance network that can be leveraged to accelerate commercialisation

  • Follow on capital to support rapid growth and patient capital that is not constrained by the demands of external investors

  • Back office support across functions such as finance, HR and marketing

Investment opportunities would typically have the following characteristics but we are willing to consider businesses that are not able to demonstrate all of these attributes:
  • An established management team

  • A revenue stream or meaningful customer engagement

  • An innovative business model that is underpinned by high growth potential, distinctive intellectual property and proven technology

  • Typical initial investment requirement of up to £350,000 but willing to co-invest as part of a larger funding round

For enquiries please contact:
Steve White
Group Commercial Director

We have a real enthusiasm for exploring new opportunities and a history of working in partnership with others to create successful outcomes. Please do get in touch should you have ideas where we can work together in the future.

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