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RO Capital Partners to invest in early stage Proptech, Cleantech and Fintech opportunities.

The RO Group (“RO”) announces the launch of RO Capital Partners (“Capital Partners”), the Group’s new investment arm. Capital Partners is an active, early stage investment partner principally focusing on:

  • Proptech (the use of technology to innovate the built environment and real estate market);

  • Cleantech (solutions addressing the challenges of environmental sustainability and the transition to a low carbon economy); and

  • Fintech (the disruption of traditional business models in financial services).

In order to be considered by Capital Partners, investment opportunities would typically have the following characteristics, but these are by no means set in stone:

  • An established management team;

  • A revenue stream or meaningful customer engagement;

  • An innovative business model that is underpinned by high growth potential, distinctive intellectual property, and proven technology; and

  • A typical initial investment requirement of up to £250,000.

The RO is a family owned group of companies established in 1932 and has been successfully investing across a diverse range of sectors since its formation. The RO has a strong track record of growing and realising shareholder value, giving it the depth and scope needed to launch a dedicated investment business. RO will utilise its well established corporate infrastructure, which will contribute to the success of any investments made by Capital Partners. This includes in-house expertise in corporate finance, accounting, HR, IT, sales and marketing; as well as a sizeable real estate platform that brings together commercial, industrial, leisure, retail and residential developments.

The Capital Partners team will act as an early stage investor and its senior team has considerable experience in the real estate, financial services and renewable energy sectors. The RO has existing assets in these areas, as well as access to an extensive real estate, energy and finance network that can be leveraged by investee companies to help accelerate commercialisation and growth.

Capital Partners can also offer follow on capital to support fast growing investments, as well as long term patient capital that is unconstrained by the demands of external investors.

Edward Rowlandson, Group Managing Director, the RO Group commented:

“I’m delighted to launch RO Capital Partners, a natural evolution for the RO Group. Our considerable entrepreneurial experience, built over 90 years of investment activity in more than 20 different sectors, means we are ideally placed to launch a development capital arm. We have a strong balance sheet, an existing network, the right mix of skills and a platform of assets all available to help companies flourish.

“We would welcome enquiries from those with opportunities that match our criteria within the proptech, cleantech and fintech sectors. We believe that macro factors including changes in working habits and the move to a low carbon economy will drive the next crop of disruptive businesses to shake up old ways of thinking and we would like to partner with them.”


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