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InferSens wins Innovation Alley at the inaugural Cambridge Tech Week

InferSens was announced as the Innovation Alley winner during the first day of CTW at Hinxton Hall.

Set in the wider CTW exhibition, Innovation Alley featured 14 of the brightest early-stage start-ups and their innovative solutions in technologies such as AI/ML, Medtech, Robotics, and immersive technologies.

The two-day event offered a dynamic and interactive showcase of their cutting-edge solutions.

Speaking to CTW podcast partner, Cambridge Tech Podcast Chief Executive Officer Dr Jana Voigt said: “We are excited to win Innovation Alley and it was great to be featured with so many innovative companies.

“We are growing our team and this recognition will help us stand out when recruiting tech and commercial talent.

“Boosting our reputation will also support our fundraising journey. As we meet investors, it is beneficial to have external, independent recognition of what we do and what we are building.”

A panel of independent judges selected InferSens based on the originality of its innovation, potential commercial, economic, and societal impact, and maturity of go-to-market plans.

The application criteria for Innovation Alley included being less than five years old and employing less than ten people.

The InferSens team received a fabulous trophy to display in the office and a generous promotional package with Business Weekly.

Visit Cambridge Tech Week for more information.


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